Roaming Photo Booth

Roaming Photo Booth

Roaming Photo Booth

Roaming photo booth hire from Fresh booths is the perfect addition to your event. Take the booth to the guest! 100% wireless and 100% fun, this booth can take photos, GIFs, Boomerangs and instantly share content by text or email. Want printing? We can provide wireless printing solutions  to further your guest experience.

Create engaging ways for your guests to share their experience on Facebook or Instagram with your branding or message on every piece of content.

Our Roamer has a wide angle lens and LED lighting to capture every moment and one of our attendants will be sure to engage everyone in on the fun!

roaming photo booth
roaming photo booth

Why a Roaming Photo Booth?


Unlike one of our traditional photo booths, the roamer takes up no space and because it is completely wireless, can be used outside watever the weather!

The other great thing about our roaming photo booth, unlike an event photographer, our roaming photo booth can take a photo, GIF or Boomerang and instanly send it to your clients phone by text or email. No more waiting for conent! 

Want custom? Of course we can still brand your content with logos, animated GIFs and even add custom digital props. Finish off your creation with one of our vibrant filters and your done. Dont forget to hashtag the event when uploading. #freshbooths #roamingphotobooth

Roaming Photo Booth Features:

100% wireless roaming photo booth




Stock & Bespoke Digital Props


Branded Micro-Sites


Branded Overlays


Animated Overlays


Analytics tracking


Data collection


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roaming photo booth

Each Roaming Photo Booth Hire Includes:

  • A Fresh Wireless Roaming Booth with LED lighting
  • A Fresh Booths team member to engage with guests/clients, We ensure guests are in frame and assist with the booths features
  • Digitals photos customised with your logo or brand.
  • Instant social sharing with your unique hashtag or message.
  • Text messaging so your guests can send photos to their phones.
  • Online Gallery.
  • Free delivery in Brighton and within 30 miles of Peacehaven, East Sussex


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